PON is the greenest broadband technology

Talking about the deployment of broadband networks, one of the points that will be more relevant in the future is the power efficiency of the access solution.

Estimate power consumption depending on the technology, and comparing PON against other existing technologies is as follows:

  • PON: 0.5 W/user
  • ADSL/VDSL: 1 to 2 W/user
  • FTTH P2P: 3 W/user

This means that although FTTH P2P seems to be a good option at present as it is more inexpensive (sometimes) than PON approaches, it may not be the optimal option for the future. If we add this power consumption with the higher maintenance costs leads to much higher OPEX than PON approaches.

Therefore, it is very important when you choose the technology to deploy not just get focused on the CAPEX, but also take into account, and very seriously, the OPEX.

You can read more here.


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