Spanish efficiency

This is an off-topic post but I hope you will have fun with it.

I took this picture while walking with my wife along Rambla Catalunya, in Barcelona.

Six people to secure a traffic signal… The picture speaks for itself.

Spanish efficiency


2 thoughts on “Spanish efficiency

  1. Dear Carlos,
    Your blog looks quite interesting. Do you happen to know whether in Spain there is currently a national broadband strategy, like the one the German government has approved?

    Thank you in advance for your answer.

    1. Dear Juan,
      Thanks for your comments.
      I have not heard of any Spanish plan to deploy broadband, like in other countries: Singapur, Australia, Portugal,… Our politicians still think that infrastructure is related to motorways,… but they do not know that if we want to build a new society based on knowledge, people need to communicate, not just by travelling, but also by being able to exchange information. However, I have been notified that there will be a second round of funding for the municipalities focussed on IT and telecom stuff instead of just in civil works…
      If you are interested, we can continue the discussion offline and exchange ideas about how to promote broadband in our country.

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