Adamo’s first customer in Barcelona


Last Friday (22nd May), while doing a visit to 22@ I found my friend Dennis, from Adamo, finishing the installation of the first FTTH customer of Adamo in Barcelona.

The connection was done in the morning, using the 22@ fiber infrastructure to reach the building basement, where Adamo installed a point-to-point switch to reach the final customers. ADAMO is deploying now a P2P active FTTH solution.

This was a very relevant event, as ADAMO is offering the service commercially. Telefonica and Orange have also FTTH customers in Barcelona, but those are connected on field-trial basis.

The 22@ concept is very interesting because they are preforming as infrastructure operators, renting dark fiber to the building to any operator interested to offer fiber services. I am collecting pictures about this very special event, so once I have them, I will update this port accordingly.

Good luck ADAMO, hoping that you are very successful in Barcelona.


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