more conclusions about the CMT report

Today La Vanguardia has published an article about the conclusions of the CMT study about the deployment of FTTH.

You can read it here.

When I read those reports I feel a little bit depressed. But what concerns me is not the figures, but the lack of attitude to deploy fibre insfrastructure and NGNs.

This is very frustrating because it is quite clear that due to the high penetration of Telefonica and the lack of competition, they are not going to invest in a technology they can not see a return in less than ten years… There is no other in Spain that can face a massive FTTH deployment, at least at present.

The solution would be to deploy open networks funded with public funds. I tend to compare the deployment of telecom infrastructure to building motorways but it seems that I am not transmitting the message to the right people…


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