bandwidth or latency?

While checking the latest news about broadband I have seen a CMT blog post that linked to the following blog:

More bandwidth ― less delay, less latency

This is somehow related to my post of last week about network neutrality and peer to peer. I fully support the position of Brough Turner but I wanted to also raise some remarks.

I agree that what a normal user demands is high datarate peaks instead of substained bandwidth when they are working with their computers or navigating through the WWW. However, there is a bunch of novel applications that are not just happy with latency but also require bandwidth.

Those are multimedia apps. And here, we can distinguish between the ones which just require bandwidth and those which also require low latency. In the first group I would include unidirectional video transmission like IPTV broadcasting or video on demand, while in the second group, I include all the tele-presence-like applications.

Here is where FTTH role is crucial, as to deliver bandwidth and latency at the same time, the only way is by means of FTTH access solutions.

Another important factor to kept in mind is how to manage bandwidth and traffic prioritization, as real time video required low latency and thus also some traffic prioritization, going against pure network neutrality. A difficult topic, which I will cover in the future.


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