Should we pay on traffic volume basis?

Telefonica is planning to release new price plans for ADSL and FTTH offers, offering upload/download quotas.

The debate around this is quite interesting. Should we pay a month-fee and be able to transmit/receive unlimited traffic or it is better to reduce the price of the subscription and pay depending on the traffic?

Although I am an advanced user, I would be happy to pay on bandwidth volume basis because this would (potentially) reduce my broadband subscription fee. Another interesting social fact is that those people who spend the entire day downloading movies they will never watch would stop doing that. What do you think?

Also, it is important to quantify the impact of uploaded traffic on new NGNs as present core networks are not prepared for the new transmission paradigms that FTTH networks offer.

This also relates to news I read yesterday about intellectual rights, with the very clever president of SGAE saying that the digital canon should be extended to broadband connections… In which century are those guys from SGAE living?


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