FTTH meeting in Sant Cugat

Sorry for the silence but lately I have been very busy organising an FTTH meeting that will take place in Sant Cugat on 1st April.

If you are interested in having more details, just contact me.

FTTH meeting in Sant Cugat is an event being organised by private entities together with public bodies to transmit the message of FTTH to the municipalities, so they know the technology and the possibilities of an FTTH deployment.

The event wants to join all the players involved in FTTH in Catalonia, with a common goal: promote FTTH.

The tentative agenda is the following:

  • Introduction speech by the major of Sant Cugat (TBC)
  • Speech about business models for FTTH deployments by Aggaros
  • Speech about regulatory issues for FTTH operation by the COETC
  • Speech about applications and possibilities with FTTH by apfutura
  • Speech about equipment for FTTH by TFO
  • Speech about experiences in FTTH by STA (Andorra operator)

The idea is to transmit the message that FTTH is a key infrastructure for the development of municipalities to avoid the digital divide.

More details at http://www.apfutura.net/ in the news and references section


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