FTTH meeting announcement

This Monday we will start the promotion of the FTTH meeting in Sant Cugat that will take place on 1st April. The objective is to promote FTTH at a technical level in the municipality market. This event is targeted to municipal engineers, technical municipal positions and majors.

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Which is the right technology?

To choose the right technology for a FTTH deployment is key in order to obtain a valid business model. When we plan to deploy FTTH, before we start thinking about whether we will go aerial, canalized or using rights of way, we need to choose the access technology. The first decision is whether FTTN or […]

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FTTH meeting in Sant Cugat

Sorry for the silence but lately I have been very busy organising an FTTH meeting that will take place in Sant Cugat on 1st April. If you are interested in having more details, just contact me. FTTH meeting in Sant Cugat is an event being organised by private entities together with public bodies to transmit the message […]

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