CMT and the clouds

Today, I went to a seminar organized by La Salle, and more specifically by the Brasilia project (, about the FTTH situation in Spain and how to deploy FTTH inside the buildings.

The talks were quite high level, which means that, from the technical point of view were not very interesting. Anyway, it fas a good event to do some networking and heard about the position of the different parts involved in the deployment of the FTTH world.

Anyway, the best talk was the CMT (Spanish regulator) one. Not because it was the best in content, but because of the controversy of their decisions to regulate the NGN deployments.

CMT regulation is based on the following concepts:

  • The first operator will be forced to share (and rent) the fiber to other operators that want to offer service. My opinion: stupid the first, clever the second because there is no investment risk
  • The first operator has to inform to the rest of the operators about its current projects so others can study the business opportunities. My opinion: stupid the first, clever the second because you do not need any marketing plan, the first one makes it for you
  • The first operator needs to offer ways (and services) to rent the infrastructure to the rest of the competitors. My opinion: stupid the first, clever the second. You do not need any maintenance team. The first one has it for you.

So my opinion is that the people of the CMT is totally of the market reality. They are not encouraging the investment on NGNs and they are creating a wider digital divide between Spain and the rest of the world.

I remember that last week, at the FTTH Council Europe conference reports stated that Europe is around 4 years behind the US and around 8 to 10 years behind Korea and Japan in terms of broadband deployments. Unfortunately, if the regulatory bodies continue this road, the divide will become wider and wider…

CMT are in the clouds, and furthermore, they are bringing dark clouds to the Spanish FTTH industry, market and to those who are waiting for a high speed broadband connection.

Andorra is deploying a complete FTTH project, to offer 100Mbps for around 50EUR (see

If you have money, or you want broadband, you’d better  go to Andorra.


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