FTTH Council Europe conference: conclusions

After the two days of conference and a weekend to think about what hapenned during the two days of meetings, my most relevant conclusions about the FTTH Council Europe meeting in Copenhagen are:

  • The conference was not influenced by the pessimistic situation of the industry. There was a lot of interest and the intention to push hard for broadband in general and FTTH in particular. No crisis.
  • The discussion was not focussed on technologies, but about operations and business models. No discussion about whether P2P, EPON or GPON is the preferred option. We know that we need to deploy fibre to offer 100Mbps to the end users and the chosen technology does not matter. Anyway, I will post about my views about FTTH architectures later this week to explain my position on this.
  • Incumbent operators are still focussed on the end customer, believing that the present end user requirements do not justify a massive FTTH deployment. They still believe that combined fibre/copper solutions are valid… We’ll see if they are right…
  • Talking about broadband deployments, Europe is 4 years behind the USA and between 8 and 10 years behind Korea and Japan.
  • High bandwidth applications are the drivers for the deployments of next generation access networks. Actually, the end user does not want just fibre, but bandwidth to run applications and services.
  • The TV is the preferred device for the older generations, while the computer is the access gateway to the cloud for the youngest generations.

If you want to add anything else, please comment!!


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