FTTH in Europe

News are not very encouraging about the developments of FTTH in Europe. The forecast is that the number of FTTH connections will grow from 2.4 million at the end of 2008 to 20.5 million by the end of 2013 (I do not know how many FTTH connections from theses 2.4 millions we have here in […]

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why do we need FTTH?

During the FTTH Council Europe conference last week, one of the interesting points that were raised was whether it was required to deploy FTTH networks or to go for a combined temporary fibre/copper approach. Actually, this point was raised by an incumbent, which said to the audience that they were not going to deploy FTTH […]

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Catalonia is not Sweden

After the FTTH Conference in Copenhagen, one of the conclusions is that Catalonia is not Sweden. I am not talking about the fiber penetration but about the business models and the way broadband networks have been developed there. I can not see a group of people here digging the streets to install their own fiber […]

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Hello world!

Hi all,This is my first post. I have created this blog to exchange my  experiences on FTTH, specially in the local market where I am  currently focused: the Catalonia region. My intention is to post on  daily basis, trying to explain my thoughts so we have a place to  exchange ideas.

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